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Each year, the Charles Houston Bar Association establishes various committees to efficiently plan, implement, and publicize its activities. Each committee chairperson is appointed by the President and sits on the Executive Board of Directors for a one year term.

Budget Committee
The Budget committee is primarily responsible for developing and presenting the association’s annual budget to the Board of Directors for adoption. However, at the request of either the President or the Board, the budget committee may also be required to provide additional reports throughout the year.

Communications Committee
The communications committee disseminates information about the Charles Houston Bar Association to its members and to the public at large. Among its duties, the committee produces and publishes annual newsletters, maintains the web site, and fields inquiries to the association by telephone and email. To participate in this committee, to make suggestions for upcoming newsletters or web site updates, or to simply give feedback, please contact the Communications Committee Chairperson.

Community Action Committee
This committee facilitates CHBA’s outreach and interaction in the community. Traditionally, it works with churches, schools, nonprofit organizations, and other groups to provide them with legal information, resources, donations, and/or volunteers.

Finance Committee
The finance committee creates, organizes, and promotes CHBA’s fund-raising activities, such as the Annual Gala Dinner Dance. To join this committee or offer fund-raising ideas, contact CHBA.

Legal Services Committee
This committee coordinates and administers the association’s programs that provide legal services to various communities in the Bay Area. To contact the Legal Services Committee Chairperson, email Catherine Ongiri

Membership Committee
Membership fees are due each year on January 1st. CHBA’s membership committee collects these dues, recruits new members, organizes general membership meetings, and maintains the organization’s membership list. To contact the Membership Committee Chairperson with questions, comments, or ideas, email Tiega Varlack.

Social Activities Committee
This committee is responsible for arranging all social activities, including the annual picnic, mixers, sporting event outings, and any other events whose primary function is not to raise funds for the association.

Young Lawyers Committee
Law students and attorneys recently admitted to the Bar constitute the focus of the Young Lawyers Committee, which creates and implements programs aimed at enhancing school achievement and career development. Each year, law students from California and beyond contact CHBA in order to meet Bay Area practitioners who are willing to share their insight and experience about the practice of law. CHBA urges members to contact the Young Lawyers Committee Chairperson, Andrew Houston to volunteer as mentors to these students and new lawyers.

*Students and interested mentors can print mentorship forms on this web site.

Judiciary Committee
Each year, this committee plans and presents the Charles Houston Bar Association’s Judicial Luncheon, a widely anticipated event honoring the Bay Area’s African-American judges, and featuring special recognition of one or more judges for his or her unique contributions to the legal community. Additionally, this committee monitors judicial vacancies and helps solicit qualified members for these positions. It evaluates each candidate and reports its findings to the Board of Directors.


High School Outreach: College Awareness Program
Championed by longtime CHBA members Darryl Stallworth (Past President, 2001), Michael Harris, and J. Dominique Pinkney, the College Awareness Advisory Program trains lawyers and judges to conduct interactive presentations with high school students. These presentations inform students how to prepare for, apply to, and finance a college education. This highly successful program debunks the myths that often discourage minority students from applying to universities. Contact Andrew Houston to get involved.

Interview & Resume Workshop
At the start of the law school year, CHBA members conduct a one day interview and resume writing workshop to give our student members a competitive edge in the job market.

As we constantly strive to be an organization by, and for our members, we want to hear from you. Members are encouraged to help steer CHBA’s purpose and yearly activities by providing feedback to Jay Ward.

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